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A friend of mine actually suggested that I read 同級生 by 中村明日美子, so I decided to give it try. I’m always up to reading new BL material and we have a lot of similar interests. I don’t have the money to buy a physical copy and my Japanese isn’t high enough to translate on my own, so I found a scanlation link where I could read it online. Toward the end of writing this, I decided that I would post this as a two part review so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

//NOTE: If you read it on the link provided, skip to page 14. That’s where the story begins. 🙂

At first glance I felt that the cover was really pretty (and I happen to be a mega sucker for beautiful / pretty things), so I felt that I should continue reading afterward. It takes me a while to get used to observing a new drawing style when I read something, but I think Nakamura’s style to be very interesting and definately stands out as a style I could quite possibly recognize as, “Oh, that looks a lot like Nakamura Asumiko’s style! :D”

Character time!

Sajou Rihito happens to be the dark haired megane while Kusakabe Beyan is curly haired blonde. The story starts out with these two preparing for the school Choir Festival. (Did I mention that this is an all-boys’ high school~?) Everyone in the class stands up to sing, but Sajou doesn’t sing with the class. When class is over Kusakabe is invited something with a friend, but realizes that he’s left his lunch box in the classroom. Who should he run into practicing the song in the classroom? Sajoooooou~~~~~


This is where we find out that Kasukabe is part of a band and offers to help Sajou learn the song for the Choir Festival. We also learn that Sajou can’t read sheet music, but all of his hard work pays off when Kusakabe congratulates him during their last practice meeting. Although Kusakabe claims this would be their last meeting, things get interesting when asks Sajou a question, Sajou drops his beverage out of shock, they both reach down to pick it up and Kusakabe swoops in for that kiss like a smooth criminal – but runs away like an actual criminal. Poor baby…leaving Sajou all confused like that… He likes high notes, huh~? I wonder if he will ever get Sajou to hit a high note when they – I should not jump to conclusion this early. My mind is a blessing and a curse….

The day of the Choir Festival, Kusakabe has an emotional moment after hearing Sajou singing again and eventually disrupts the musical by running off the stage like an adorable dork…and Sajou runs after him?! Being the adorable guy that he is, Kusakabe ends up confessing that he might have a crush on Sajou and I can’t help but love how he jumps to conclusion about Sajou singing the song for Harasen-sensei. Not to mention how adorable it is when Sajou tries to clarify that he wasn’t singing for Harasen, but that he actually enjoyed singing the song along with Kusakabe. I literally spent a few minutes giggling like a maniac after seeing their precious reactions. Precious, precious babies. Not to mention the first chapter ends with the two of them hiding in a small shed (I believe that’s what it was) sharing a kiss and followed up by this cutsey yon-koma sketch.


I think the adorableness will be the death of me, but I will continue to read and write as I go. Second chapter, ha-yaah! >:3

I also never realized how thin Kusakabe was until he’s taking his shirt off after gym class. (I’m guessing it was gym because Sajou was standing outside the door in a track suit.) “JESUS!”  I was scared I would break him with my eyeballs. ; ____ ; I like my semes to have some meat on their bones, but Kusakabe is okay. Now there are rumors going on about the duo, but Kusakabe doesn’t seem to mind and is unaware that Sajou has overheard the conversation he was having with a classmate.

Sajou’s cuteness continues to come out when he becomes irritable when Kusakabe asks to kiss him, in public, while they are walking on the street where anyone could see them, even though he made it clear that he didn’t want to be kissed by him. So the flustered Sajou storms away leaving Kusakabe underneath the umbrella alone.

“I’m cold and lonely…”

Poor Kusakabe baby…

BUT NOW ONTO THE TEACHER! There is CLEARLY something going on with Harasen because he understands that Kusakabe and Sajou are, currently, not on the best of terms with each other and rubs into Kusakabe’s face that he’s known Sajou longer than him. Harasen has the older-smug-bastard personality showing when he asks Kusakabe to tell Sajou to come see him in the Guidance Counseling room after school. Whaaaaaaaaat!?! Harasen are you scheming??! “Kusakabe, stop sinking into inner turmoil and do something about Sajou and Harasen!” “Harasen, don’t you dare!!”


But, and I wasn’t expecting this, but Kusakabe does come to Sajou’s help in a rather comical way… I guess that would be Kusakabe for you. One-track minded and reacts without thinking. But his awkwardness and weird behavior is something Sajou seems to find some good in when Kusakabe ask’s him out properly a few pages after stopping Harasen. Kusakabe is sweating buckets during his confessing, but I guess that was enough to make Sajou’s heart melt since they are embracing each other at the end of the chapter. Babies. ❤

Well then, I believe this is a good place to end the first part of this review. I look forward to finishing the rest of Doukyuusei and reporting back here and to my friend about how I felt about reading this. Sajou and Kusakabe are literally too precious… Their cuteness is worth reading about. ❤

Until part two, take it easy~!



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