[Mangaka] Asumiko Nakamura

Asumiko Nakamura – 中村明日美子
Genre(s): drama, romance, slice of life, yaoi, shounen-ai, comedy, school life, psychological, historical, mature, smut, josei
Asumiko Nakamura is one of Japan’s hidden gems. The artist has penned more than 15 titles since 2002 and has reached critical acclaim for her sensitive protrayals of romantic narratives featuring a wide range of characters – men and women, young and old. Nakamura has worked in a range of genres for an equally broad range of audinces winning recognition in almost every category – shojo, women’s comics, men’s comics, LGBT fiction as well as erotic fiction. (via Baka-Manga Updates)

I’m still fairly new to Asumiko Nakamura’s work, but I already like her style. It took a little while to get to seeing, but I really admire the gothic inspired style she has. (Then again it might not be gothic style, but it reminds me of that. ^^; )

Classmates // 同級生  {review} – Currently In-Progress
doukyusei - nakamura asumiko

Graduates // 卒業生
Volume One – Winter // -冬-

Volume Two – Spring // -春-

Sora and Hara // 空と原

O.B. (Occupation to Beloved)
Volume One

Volume Two
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Transfer Student // 転校生 (one-shot)

A is for Alice (one-shot)

Welcome to Wonderland (one-shot)

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[Mangaka] Kano Miyamoto

Kano Miyamoto – 宮本佳野
Circle Name: CURVE
Genre(s): Yaoi, Josei, Drama, Comedy, Slice of Life, Shounen-ai, Supernatural
Kano Miyamoto is the creator of over a dozen boys’ love manga, several of which have been published internationally. Her previous English-language releases include Say Please, Two of Hearts and  Lovers and Souls. She has also published over two dozen doujinshi under the name “CURVE”. Born in Osaka on June 15th, she is a Gemini with a B blood type. (via SuBLime)

Kano Miyamoto’s work is one that I have been recently introduced to. I’m a big sucker for nice looking art styles, so I was drawn to Sleeping Moon not too long after reading the first few pages. She’s a growing sources of inspiration for me when it comes to developing my own drawing style, so I hope to read a lot more of her manga in the future.


Sleeping Moon // 眠れる月
Volume One Reviews
{Part One}
{Part Two} ~ COMING SOON

Volume Two

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[Mangaka] Ayumi Kanou

Ayumi Kanou – 狩野アユミ
Genre(s): Shojo, BL (hinted?)

Ayumi Kanou’s style is one that I hope to learn a lot from. Especially the way she draws hair~ Everything just seems to flow when I flip through the pages of Dictatorial Grimoire and I can’t wait to have my own copy of I am Alice. Reviews for both will be up momentarily and links will provided. Once a review is posted and a link is added, I will be sure to edit this entry. 🙂


Dictatorial Grimoire //
Volume One — Cinderella


Volume Two — Snow White

Volume Three — Red Riding Hood

I am Alice – Body Swapped in Wonderland // 俺アリス ~男女逆転~
In which Alice is a boy named Makoto who becomes trapped in a girls body~

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

If you also like Ayumi Kanou, feel free to check her out at the following links. 🙂
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