Meganebu! – No Megane! No Life!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hopefully the holiday has been going well for you all. I just finished eating, so now I’m all cozy and ready to type for a bit. I played 4-5 hours of Persona Q last night, so I’m pretty excited about a lot of things at the moment. I’m just now getting to a wi-fi connection so that I can upload this blog post. I realized that I left the manga that I wanted to review back in my flat, so I decided to write about a show that I hold dear. I would go into more detail, but the sake of time at the moment I will try to keep it short and simple.


So what exactly do you get when you have five megane characters who have a club dedicated to their love of classes? Well, you get Meganebu! (which literally means ‘Glasses Club’).

Close, but no quite

Close, but not quite~

Meganebu! is based off of the drama CD that came before the anime was announced. Meganebu is also the work of independent anime director Soubi Yamamoto and was produced by Studio DEEN in 2013. Yamamoto also worked on This Boy can Fight Aliens and This Boy Caught a Merman (both of which being BL/shounen-ai titles). I’ve only seen This Boy Caught a Merman, but she’s working on more titles for the “This Boy…” or “Kono danshi…” series.

Enter Akira Souma, the fearless second-year leader of the Glasses Club. From the top of the school building he claims that the Glasses Club will create a pair of x-ray glasses that will allow the wearer to see through women’s clothing. Typical boy right? His right hand man, and childhood friend is Yukiya Minabe. Yukiya is also a second-year and has a tendency to be dependent on his yPad and often takes naps throughout the day. He’s also the main engineer when it comes to making the x-ray glasses for the club. Takuma Hachimine doesn’t act like an upperclassmen due to his childishness, but he has a strong sweet tooth for cream puffs. Mitsuki Kamatani is one of two first-year students and has a strong admiration (if not boarderline obsession) for Akira. Hayato Kimata also shares a lesser level of Mitsuki’s admiration, but he wears a fake pair of frames without lenses. But as time goes by, Akira and the rest of the Glasses Club begin to shift from their original goal of seeing through women’s clothing.


Hayato, Yukiya, Akira, Takuma, Mitsuki

As Meganebu! progresses you start to learn a little more about the quirks of each individual character and even the ones who aren’t main characters. They get to a point where they realize that there are more problems in their lives that don’t revolve around making a pair of glasses that actually let you see through someone clothes. I know that the show has a reputation for being weird or uninteresting, but I feel that every character is relatable for personal reasons. We all have things that we’ve wanted to tell someone but could never find the right way to say it or when. We’ve had moments where we felt invisible to others. We’ve thought that we would never make friends but became surprised once we did. We’ve had moments where we were self-conscious. We’ve all loved something so much that we try to get discouraged by negativity. We’ve maybe even gotten drunk at some point and thought about quitting our job. These are just some of the moments in the show that make it human. Moments that I feel make it touch emotions rather than be bait for fanservice.


Honestly, can you think of an anime that has an entire episode dedicated to referencing Jumanji or Men in Black? Or a show that’s able to bring in aspects of manga while holding onto the feeling of animation? (Which I thought was really interesting considering how Yamamoto wanted to be a mangaka.)


In the end, Meganebu! gave me heartwarming feelings and is one of those diamonds in the rough that people seem to look over. The first episode shouldn’t be a judging point for a show like this and I’m glad that I’ve watched the entire series. It’s a show that seems to have no plot what-so-ever, but everything comes together by the final episode. The animation is bright and refreshing. The characters have their own charm and helped me appreciate the show even more. I can’t help but smile while watching the series all over again because it helps me remember all the feelings I felt when I first started watching. I was able to laugh and cry while watching this series, so it means a lot to me.

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 8.20.00 PM

*wishing for a second season*

Meganebu! is streaming full episodes on Crunchyroll and Hulu for anyone who is interested. Although I downloaded all the episodes from Chia-Anime, Sentai Filmworks has released the series on DVD and Blu-Ray and I plan on buying it as soon as I get the opportunity. I’m a sucker for physical copies when it comes to supporting the artists I admire. I will definitely keep looking forward to Soubi Yamamoto’s work and I’m excited to see where she will continue to go from here.

Self-explanatory  ships from the Student Council

Self-explanatory ships from the Student Council

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