YaoiCon: The Ultimate BL Convention Goal


I know that I should be working on my political science paper instead of looking up cosplay and such, but I got curious about when YaoiCon would be held next year. That’s when I saw that the website had updated and proceeded to get teary eyed while flailing my arms. For some general back story, YaoiCon is an 18+ convention in California that has been catering to male x male / BL relationships since 2001. You can click here for more information about the convention if you would like. 🙂 I really wanted to go this year to see Reika, but, alas, no funds to get there. *dying whale noises*

To keep this post short and simple, I’ve had my eyes on going to YaoiCon since I first discovered that it existed when I was sixteen (so back in 2010). This convention has been a huge dream of mine and I feel that I now have enough time to save up enough money for a plane ticket, a room and artist alley goods. Yes, this has to be the year! I can feel it!

I also found out that YaoiCon is having a mascot contest. For the chance of winning two VIP tickets (and also cutting down on the cost of buying one), I just might consider entering. The burning passion is surprisingly bright right now. I would only miss two days of school, but it would be worth it!!

*add convention to cart* Yessss, yes. Good~