Kickstarter Signal Boost – Purity (Post Yaoi Anthology)

image is linked to the Kickstarter~

image is linked to the Kickstarter~

Hey guys!

I’ve probably mentioned this before, I tend to visit SmackJeeves from time to time. It’s a place that motivates me to finally create my own webcomic, find inspiration, and read comics that interest me. After browsing around on the forum, I came across a post that was looking for aspiring artists to submit to their upcoming anthology. This anthology being Purity, a post-yaoi anthology.

The following links provide more information for those who are interested in checking it out. Especially about submission requirements for the anthology. At the moment, Purity has $3,244 pledged out of the $5K goal with 25 days to go. You guys can do it!!! 😀 Since this is an upcoming anthology that pays it’s creators, I’m really looking into backing this project. I’m still a little sad that my paycheck didn’t come in time for the Finder Kickstarter, but (now that my Anime Matsuri badge is paid for) I can back this project!

Please, please, pleeeeease consider supporting this anthology. Don’t forget to check out the links below for more information~!! ❤

Take care guys~!

Kickstarter // ❤ Tumblr // ❤ Twitter

Sleeping Moon [vol.1] [Part Two]

It’s been soooooo long since I last wrote a manga review, so I hope I’m not too rusty with these things. Anywho, I decided to pick up where I left off with part one of Sleeping Moon volume one. It’s also been a while since I’ve read Sleeping Moon (眠れる月), so I had to read back through it and bring out my trusty digital camera~ This review is coming to you live from my Sunday shift, so stick tight for the ride. Pffft, “ride”.

O-chan is letting me borrow Sekaiichi~

O-chan is letting me borrow Sekaiichi~

The first volume of Sleeping Moon is split into five Acts and a bonus chapter called ‘Snow Lantern’. Part One covered Acts 1 – 3 and this part will cover Acts 4 – ‘Snow Lantern’. Act 4 kicks off with Ren confronting Akihiko, asking him about where he disappeared to in the middle of the night. Akihiko is a little baffled by Ren’s persistence, but eventually tells him that he went back in time. After a moment of silence, Ren asks his older cousin (for those who forgot they were related) to follow him to his room. This is where Ren shares his knowledge about those ‘The Dreamer’, similar to Act 3 when Eitarou considered Akihiko to be one of the ‘espers’ that have appeared within their family.

See, he's catching on quite fast.

See, he’s catching on quite fast.

As soon as Eitarou’s name escapes Akihiko’s lips, Ren doesn’t believe a word of what he said and blames it on a tear in the time-space construct. When did this become the Twilight Zone? Am I missing something here?? BUT that momentarily changes when Ren asks Akihiko to take him back to the past. Remember, Eitarou primarily calls on Akihiko when he’s in bed, so I’m pretty sure you guys get the hint of where this is going.

Could you turn the lights off too~?

Could you turn the lights off too~?

I won’t spoil too much about where this is going, but I will say that Eitarou’s timing is both perfect and slightly frustrating to witness. Akihiko is reunited with Eitarou, who listens to the (technically) older man’s tale of woe after being sexually harassed by a man. This doesn’t seem to phase Eitarou since it’s all the rage in England. He continues to listen to Akihiko’s complaints, sips some tea and eventually shares the floor plans to the house that he found. While Eitarou tries to explain the papers, Akihiko is too busy staring at the other man while comparing his physical features to Ren. It’s moments like this that makes we wonder who he prefers the most. The modern tease or the refined gentlemen? Than again, that’s how I see Ren and Eitarou.

Transitioning into Act 5 leaves us with Ren groaning over how Akihiko left him high and dry, with a surprise visitor outside the door. Meanwhile, back in the past, the other two are talking about the progression of Japan in the future. Eitarou makes a teasing jab at Akihiko by saying that the man would fit right in during the early Taisho Period. (Sidenote: the summary says the Meiji Period, but the early Taisho is mentioned in Act 4… Another error, or…?) Things then get a little sentimental when Eitarou believes that the other is a good person who deserves to live a long, happy life with a family. Akihiko becomes aware of the time and feels that he should leave….but not without touching Eitarou’s face to get a feel of the difference between him and Ren.


Literally ASKING to be chased by that man!

Literally ASKING to be chased by that man!

Naturally Akihiko blames his confusion on Ren and nearly skips out on breakfast. Even more natural is the fact that Ren has caught a cold….and goes outside where it’s COLD! It becomes a scene where Character A becomes the nurse of Character B, and Character B uses the closeness to steal some sloppy – yet warm, attractive and melt worthy – kisses. Afterwards things go back to “normal”, the duo discuss the ghost in the furisode while Ren puffs on a cigarette while going over the floor plans. Is that supposed to warm him up? Akihiko then announces that he will be going back to Tokyo, Ren gets a little clingy and says the following.

Wait, what??....

Wait, what??….

Being back in Tokyo becomes a little too much for Akihiko to handle, and he quickly finds himself missing the country since he can no longer keep up with the hustle and bustle of the city. With floor plans in hand, he tries to get help from a friend who knows a friend that has studied Edo style architecture. Content with that, Akihiko goes back to his apartment where he gets a text from Ren, one asking when he will come back. Akihiko is reminded that Ren is cousin and is also male, but when has that completely stopped any uke in this kind of scenario? He then dismisses this as Ren being lonely and decides to turn in for the night… But wakes up to see the woman in the furisode has followed him back to Tokyo…

THANKFULLY, ‘Snow Lantern’ is on the lighter side of things and seems to take place after Akihiko returns from Tokyo. This little side story is from Eitarou’s perspective and Shiho makes another appearance. It’s winter in his time period, and he finds himself reminiscing about a man named Tachibana. He describes Tachibana as being rather effeminate and would be teased by their classmates. Because of this, Eitarou couldn’t help but stand up for Tachibana, but this lead to Tachibana falling in love with Eitarou. When Shiho asks what happened between the two of them after that, Eitarou explains that he continued to tell the other that he loved women, but Tachibana still insisted on writing him afterwards.

I honestly have no idea how I’ve missed the who point of this side story. I’m… damn oblivious. Though, Shiho seems to support two men being together and even insisted that Eitarou should have let Tachibana advance on him at least once….for future reference. She even goes as far as to mention how complicated the hearts of men are, so I’m pretty entertained when it comes with her character.

Eitarou’s mind slips and he finds himself thinking about Akihiko, and he becomes even more determined to help the other find an end to the family curse. Eitarou then references his waiting situation to the “Tales of the Peony Lantern“. Instead of waiting on the woman he loves, he refers to Akihiko as being the ‘person of my dreams’ that will appear. Thus concluding the first volume of Sleeping Moon.



This was the first manga I’ve ever read by Miyamoto-sensei, and I was honestly drawn to the cover art and the summary on the back. I’m a sucker for really nice drawing styles, and Miyamoto-sensei’s is now one of my favorites. The main thing that I enjoyed was that this manga didn’t jump straight into the sex. The plot, in my opinion, was well paced out and I didn’t find any areas that needed work.

I liked how there was back-story for Eitarou, Ren and a little bit for Akihiko. I liked the creepy elements of everything and everyone somehow being connected to the family curse. Above all, I really loved how dorky Ren was while interacting with both of his love interests. I would honestly be fine with him ending up with either Eitarou or Ren, but I think I’m leaning more towards Eitarou at this point. He needs more panel time! *sad face* Hopefully we get to see more of him in volume two. I want to see Eitarou and Akihiko kiss sooooooo baaaaaaad. Hnnghhn!!!


SuBLime has the official English release of Sleeping Moon already printed and in stores, but if you are wanting to read a scanlated version online you should/might be able to find one. Please, please, please consider buying the SuBLime release to help support the mangaka and her work! It would mean a lot if you did. Volume one and volume two can be found on Amazon if you are unable to find either copy in a bookstore. Don’t forget to check out Kano Miyamoto’s profile for more links if you wish to follow her.

I was able to finish this while I was at work, but now I have my leftover tiramasu pancakes running through my mind… It’s almost 6am, but I should probably sleep when I get back to my room. :’D

See you guys next time~!!!

Gay, or European?

Gay, or European?

Part One || 》





Hey guys!!!

I literally just finished my 3 – 4:20PM class, so I want to write / post this while the excitement is still fresh and pumping through my veins. If you remember my previous post about the package I ordered from CD Japan, then you will understand why I’m so excited. I always stop by my mailbox after my last class of the day (either Japanese Poetry of History of the Silk Road), so I was mildly to see two package tickets in my mail box.


Sloooooowly yet surely I realized that the ticket said the package was from Japan via international mail. I had just finished listening to a lecture over Confucianism, so my brain was not registering things fast enough. Then it finally hit me….

There’s gay smut in my mail box….

Sadly, I was not thinking about my JLPT N2 books when things started clicking together. No. I was shamelessly thinking about the amount of guy x guy action that would be taking place after I pried open the cover. I had my mind set on reading about cute ukes and sexy semes with my limited Japanese. Hopefully I didn’t creep out the guy who went to get my package from the back of mail room. I tried so hard to keep a straight face without seeming too creepy. My shame can’t be contained….

chibi!chou protecting the box

chibi!chou protecting the box



Keep in mind: I like to change into comfy clothes once I’m back in my room, so I didn’t have the decency to fully take off my pants before opening this package. Yep, pants were down to my ankles, door wide open and me standing near my bed with this huge tome in my hand. I have no shame. *internally sobs* I was just that excited to pry that lid open. I knew that Japanese manga magazines were big….but I wasn’t expecting this issue to be frickin’ THICK!!! Take that in what context you may, but it was really surprising for me. My Genshiken omnibus isn’t even this wide!! BUT I’m NOT complaining! The January 2015 issue was only 690円, so I’m extremely satisfied.

Have some color inserts~






My shame simply can’t be contained, and it’s times like this that make me question my life decisions. There’s a story in here by Shidatsu Takayuki that has caught my eye, so I think I’m going to practice translation with that one. It seems like a new series (since the chapter was titled File 5) and I really like the art style. There are A LOT of artists that I’ve never heard of, but now I have thirteen mini sticky note tabs in this issue of CIEL magazine. I still don’t fully understand why Kadokawa splits between CIEL and Emerald, but I found the February special issue on Amazon (along with some issues of Canna magazine and both volumes of Shounen Oujo). The March issue came out, literally, a few days after I placed my order. askjfa;lwkeja!!!

I honestly plan to savor all 765+ pages of this magazine. To make sure it stays safe I’ve decided to keep the bubble wrap packaging that it came in. It’s my first BL magazine, so I really don’t want anything to happen to it! Q__Q I will also try to write about the JLPT books that I bought (after I go through them a few times). Maybe there will be some summaries about the chapters that I have marked for reading? *sudden burst of language learning motivation*

College has been keeping me extremely busy these past few weeks, but I will try to update during my midnight – 6AM shifts on Sundays, if not my midnight – 3am shifts on Thursdays. I really missed this blog (even though it’s only been a little over a week Q u Q) and I really like keeping in touch with you guys! In the meantime, I should be doing my homework but I will just window shop on CD Japan for a little while longer. There’s a magazine called ihr HertZ that looks really interesting. HertZ also has a series list that’s up, so I just might look into this magazine as well. 🙂

I swear I will get back to Binan Koukou as well!!! q_______q

Jeezus lord, it’s after 8pm now?! Why do I type so slow?! DX

See you next time~!

Naturally, this was one of the first pages I turned to~ -- Love Stage!

Naturally, this was one of the first pages I turned to~ — Love Stage!

Going to Anime Matsuri? I’ll See You There!!

That’s right, Anime Matsuri has officially been confirmed for Pan! SUPER EXCITEEEEEED!!!!!

Seriously, this excitement can’t be contained!! Thankfully I won’t be going alone, and I will be staying at a convention for longer than a few hours. That’s right again, all THREE DAYS! WHOOO!!! (*^^*) My friends and I have managed to book a room, so now begins the struggle to save as much money as possible. Ironically enough, I’m writing this update while I’m at my work-study job! Since I work midnight to 6AM every Sunday, I’ve realized that this has become a opportunity to catch up on blogging. (Again, super sorry for the lack of Binan Koukou reviews! I’ve been dragged onto Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種-トーキョーグール-) by O-chan. I regret nothing when it comes to ghouls!)

I still hope to tackle YaoiCon in San Francisco as well this year. Since it will be my senior year by then, going will be a kind of graduation present to myself.

“Went through four years of college just to get here!” That will be the story of my life. 😀

So if anyone will be at con between April 3rd – 5th, feel free to leave me a comment! What are you most excited for when it comes to Anime Matsuri? Any cosplay plans? To be honest, I’m spazz-tastically happy looking forward to seeing Reika, KANAME and Akira from Disacode. *fans self with the paper of shame* My lady-crush feels for Reika are way too strong right now. It’s 4:19am, too early for these painful feels! *fans self faster* Hnnnnggghhhnnnn!!!! *faints* So prettyyyyy.

Cosplay wise, you guys might see me walking around as this precious baby~

Precious child, I will hug you for days on end.

And maybe even a secret cosplay that I won’t reveal (for now). It all depends on how much money fabric and other materials will cost me. Whenever I make my cosplay Twitter account, I will be sure to keep you guys posted on my progress. 🙂

My energy drink has be feeling a little hyped, so I think I’m going to keep this post rather short. I should have another update for my “Coming out Fujoshi” series, and I will eventually get back to Binan Koukou. Eventually (eventually) I will get back to reviewing BL manga. I read Akiyama-kun and Nise x Koi Boyfriend a while back, so I will most likely start with one of those next.

Also, update for the Finder Kickstarter, eight days to go and funding has reached $34,828 out of $45K. *bounces in chair to imitate cheering* Yesssssssss!! I really want to go for the $40 backer tier, but I need to pay for my Anime Matsuri badge before the price gets any higher. Q_____Q

Juné Manga tote bag… Find me in the future, someday… I really hope they go for individual sale somewhere. *weeps in a corner*

Gaaah, it’s nearly 5AM. I should really end this post and get back to YouTube videos and Nintendogs. (I shamelessly named my dog Yosuke and he twerks.) Maybe even some Rivarmin. This ship needs more love….

One more hour of work for Pan! :’D

Take care guys~! ❤

Coming Out Fujoshi – Story Time with Pan

Hey guys! How is your day going so far? If your day is already over, how has it been? Today I wanted to try something new. Today I wanted to write about how I “came out” as a fujoshi and what being a fujoshi means to me at twenty years old. (As of right now, in this moment of time~) To celebrate trying something new, I’m also going to try using BL related gifs to help drive this post along. Get comfy dears, Pan is going to tell you a little story.

Story time!!

Lets take a step back to when I was a fourteen year old Pan. Back to the days when I was young, impressionable and curious. I’m still curious, but back then I was like a little sponge. I didn’t really talk to my classmates, so I mostly relied on Bun-Bun (my best friend) as my social companion. That was during a time when I watched anime and read manga, and reflecting on it makes me realize that my lifestyle at the time was rather…bland.

Yu-Gi-Oh! was the highlight of my life at the time and I decided to look up images of Malik Ishtar. He was my favorite character and I wanted to learn more about him. I guess you could say I was a little obsessed. When I found a good picture I would save it to my computer and didn’t think twice. What I didn’t expect to see where images of him with Yami Bakura doing the do with each other… You guys know what I’m talking about.

That was when precious baby Pan discovered the world of yaoi. A world that was brand new, shiny, and very closed off. It was like finding a dusty tome in a forgotten storage box, blowing away the dirty layers and finding a rare literary novel. That was back when I didn’t know about forums that catered to BL, before I knew what “lemon” meant in fandom terms, and before the days of AO3. After discovering Bakura x Malik (also known as Thiefshipping) I moved onto Death Note and discovered Light x L (also vice-versa). I devoured as much information as I could. I learned about semes and ukes. Started writing my first Thiefshipping fanfiction, became interested in doujinshi and eventually discovered AMVs for the two pairings that started it all. It was a rush. Especially after the constant reminders to clear my browsing history on my grandmother’s computer.

That was the defining moment of me slowly becoming the shameless individual I am today.

Somewhere down the line I clearly remember going into Books-a-Million to look at some manga. I’m pretty sure I was reading Vampire Knight and Ouran High School Host Club at the time, but I remember this moment like it was yesterday. Back then, BAM didn’t seal off their 18+ manga like they currently do, and there was a reddish toned manga that caught my eye. That manga happened to be Crimson Spell by Yamane Ayano (山根 綾乃). The first BL manga I ever physically touched and flipped through as fujoshi-ling. Back before the hardcore censorship crackdown. Back when I actually felt embarrassed to skim through a BL manga while others were in the aisle with me. Strangely enough I didn’t buy my first BL manga until after my 18th or 19th birthday. I was too embarrassed to ask my mom to buy it for it. Go figure. ^^;;

I’m still not sure if she knows about my interests…  Hmm..

The complete opposite of my initial reaction. Arai Tamako (新井 珠子) from “Barakamon”

I found myself identifying with too many characters as I got older. The first one being Tamura Hiyori (田村 ひより) from Lucky Star. My drawing hand is also my livelihood and I’m not the most athletic person in the world. Second would have to be Nitou Kaneru (二道かねる) from Doujin Work. Sadly, I can’t find a decent gif for her. She reminds me of the impressionable Pan that had the mindset of, “Guys are doing that?! Why can’t I look away?!”. Last of the triangle is Naganohara Mio (長野原 みお) from Nichijou. The side of me that’s awkward with guys and gets flustered over my drawings. Though, if I wanted to make this a square, I would have to add Arai Tamako (新井 珠子) from Barakamon as an honorable mention. Strangely enough, all three of them like to draw BL related material. I honestly didn’t notice that until just now.

Those characters are just the tip of the iceburg. A few years ago I discovered Genshiken and haven’t stopped reading it since then. Genshiken Nidaime (げんしけん二代目) is currently running as a manga (anime can be watched on Crunchyroll), and features relatable fujoshi characters. Interestingly enough there is a fudanshi character named Kenjiro Hato. Nidaime is pretty interesting, but I haven’t been able to keep up with it lately.

Hopefully that wasn’t too off topic.

Scene from “Barakamon”

To be honest, I really enjoy shipping.

I can be a shameless shipper and I LOVE to talk about ships with my friends. As soon as I find another fujoshi I immediately feel this strange kinship with them. Does that make any sense? Most of the fujoshi I knew as a young Pan were online and I didn’t meet my first RL friend until I was in high school. I’ve even met a few fudanshi and I’ve enjoyed the conversations we’ve shared. I like being able to analyze two characters to find out how well they balance each other out. I love looking for the hidden context in shounen anime and manga that sparks my headcanons. I’m even at the point where I roleplay as different characters just to get my BL fix. I guess you could say that I’m a sort of yaoi junkie who needs it in their life 24/7.

Though not everything can be sunshine and rainbows. Being a yaoi fan is a hobby, but it’s also a huge chunk of my daily life. I could go into the ups and down of being a fangirl, but I might have to save that for another time. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone right now. Talking about my OTPs and my likes / dislikes of shipping will also have to be for another post. If there’s anything else would you like to know about me, or would like to see me write about, please feel free to leave me a comment below! I’m always open to talk with you guys.

See you next time~!