Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi [vol. 1] [part 1]

Title: Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi (いけない妄想腐男子)
Story & Art: Yamada Mario (山田まりお)
Publisher: Kobunsha (光文社) (serialized in “Pureri”)
Genre(s): comedy, romance,
Scanlation: Nakama
Synopsis: As someone who does things like secretly reading BL manga, Satou finds himself imagining “entanglements” with men on a daily basis. However, since he also has a girlfriend, Satou convinces himself that this is a mere hobby, and he himself is not gay. Suddenly, he then finds himself roommates with his perfect, ideal handyman type, a man called Arihara. Imagining more and more indecent things, after a war with himself, Satou eventually comes to accept the romantic feelings in his heart. A BL story about complicated fudanshi tendencies, with slightly tortured and realistic characters. *heart* Also, this compilation includes a pure love story of a librarian with glasses and a flashy high school boy!! {via Batoto}

“Are you trying to kill me with hotness!?” – Satou

Hey guys!

In an attempt to recover from reading Escape, I came across Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi (いけない妄想腐男子) by Yamada Mario (山田まりお). Unlike Genshiken Nidaime, this story focuses primarily on the fudanshi character instead of sharing the panel time. Don’t worry Hato-kun, I still love you~! Volume one contains five chapters and what appears to be an extra at the end (plus an omake). Since this hasn’t been updated in some time, I will only cover chapters one through three in this part of the review. Hopefully it will be updated soon. If not, I might have to be reminded to finish part two when this volume is completely scanlated. ^^;;

Welcome to the mind of a fudanshi (腐男子) named Satou Takayuki. He’s a man who has a series of indecent thoughts going through his mind and often imagines himself in BL related scenarios. To be honest, he’s man after my own heart and hides his BL manga underneath his bed. ❤

During his introduction he claims that just because he’s a fudanshi doesn’t mean he’s gay. I’m guessing it’s a stereotype that fudanshi are automatically labled as gay, possibly even bisexual? Satou has a girlfriend, but that doesn’t stop him from admiring long-chinned hunk Arihara due to a leak in the plumbing. Seriously, I cracked up when I saw Arihara turn around, but at least Satou thought it was pretty.

This proceeds into Satou beating his head against the wall in order to control his thoughts. Feeling a little guilty for the plumbing problem (because he lives above Arihara), Satou invites the handsome fellow to stay with him until the problem is solved. Arihara is apparently younger than Satou since he addresses him as “youth” when referring to Arihara’s lack of thanks. Later he’s confirmed to be twenty-three years old. We then find out that Satou considers uniforms to be rather moe and can’t stop looking at the young man. Arihara notices this, flat out asks “Why?” and Satou gets a little flustered before the confusion kicks in after listening to Arihara talking about how his ex-girlfriend used to look at him the same way. (That ex-girlfriend being a fujoshi).

Afterwards we start to get a peek into Satou’s fantasy about wearing a construction workers uniform. One involving a rather lewd and non-realistic version of Arihara. Turns out his fantasy was merely a dream and this is when Satou gets the feeling that he might be gay. That, and Arihara is sleeping on the floor next to his bed. So it’s pretty hard not to feel that way.

Afterwards Satou does something that I am also guilty of while at work. Making creeper faces when BL related thoughts come to mind. If someone says anything leaning toward dirty, my mind drives it home (complete with an example from one of my favorite ships). Once he finishes talking with his girlfriend (?) Satou returns home after thinking about how he really needs to find a better place to hide his BL manga. This is mostly due to the lady asking to come visit him that night, but he kindly turned her down. After Arihara suggests that the older man takes a bath first, we find out that the box of goodies has been ironically discovered…

Because Arihara got bored and decided to read one of them… Pfft.

Things get a little more serious when Arihara ask if Satou had a thing for men, to which Satou exclaims that, “It’s a prejudice to think that every single fudanshi is gay!” and merely enjoys the entertainment value. Thus clearing up the stereotype thought that I had earlier. Sweet! 😀 Comedic moment aside, Satou begins to realize that he enjoys being around Arihara, that he wants to spend more time with him alone and lied to his girlfriend about her not being able to come visit. Thus establishing the homoerotic thoughts he had, and for some reason Arihara has a boner…. Hmmm…

This new discovery leads to Arihara dry humping Satou semi-doggy style, who exclaims that this isn’t how it happens in the manga. Remember the girlfriend that I mentioned from earlier? Well, she stops by uninvited…. Which concludes chapter one!

In total, according to chapter two, the duo has only been living together for three days and all these crazy events have started. Satou taking creeper pics of Arihara, dry humping, Miki (the girlfriend) blurting out how the knew Satou played for “that team”, etc.

Meanwhile at work, Miki reveals that she knew about the BL manga that were underneath Satou’s bed, which shouldn’t surprise Satou because beds are really obvious places. Satou sidesteps the problem, but his girlfriend pays too much attention to him to believe his excuse. Satou, once again, begins to question his sexuality after coming home and seeing Arihara. This mysterious young man must be really damn attractive if Satou goes through inner dialogue every time.




Fantasies at the dinner table. Fantasies shortly after meeting the guy. All of which cause Satou to shift into a flustered – if not extremely confused and shameless – mess. Hopefully I haven’t used ‘flustered’ too much in this post. ^^;; We learn that these fantasies are often triggered by singular words such as “macho” and “formal”. Formal as in formal wear. Formal wear as in hoping to snag a few pictures of Arihara. Once he sees him he gets a little…over stimulated (?) and quickly asks to take Arihara’s picture. Completely with newly bought necktie~

Here we learn that Arihara can’t tie a necktie, so I will let you imagine the situation that happens afterwards~ Though, we do get a peek at jealous Satou when a lady has to finish tying Arihara’s tie.

These shameless tendencies get worse when Satou develops the urge to peek at Arihara while he’s in the shower. There’s a tall, hot young man getting his hair wet in that room, so I can understand where Satou is coming from. But there are times when one simply must resist temptation.

It’s Satou’s turn in the shower, and this time he has a rather sad fantasy. At least it as sad to me. Steamy, but sad in a way. I won’t spoil this one for you guys. Then again, hopefuly I haven’t spoiled too much to this point. If I have, I apologize. (>___<) Though, if you don’t mind this little bit of information, Satou makes a little too much noise…so Arihara comes to check in on him.

Once the shower is over, Satou retreats to assume to pill bug position under the blanket on his bed. High maintenance Arihara once again considers himself to be burden, but tries to make himself more “hands on” to help with the situation. And, no, Satou is not fantasizing this time. BUT THEN MIKI SHOWS UP OUT OF NOWHERE!!!! *flips a damn table* But it should have been expected since Satou referred to the situation as a BL plot twist. Does he just leave his door unlocked all the damn time, or does Miki have a key to his place??! Any-fricken-who, Miki sees them and this adds onto Satou’s pre-existing embarrassment. Marking the end of the second chapter!

Time to wrap part one up! Are you guys getting excitement? Then again, have you even made it this far? If so, awesome! >: D

Chapter three opens up with Arihara picking up where he left off: insisting on putting his hand in Satou’s pants. Which is a fantasy of course! You’re so silly for thinking it was real. :’D *internally sobs because I fell for it* Satou then comes to terms that there are a portion of fudanshi that actually do identify as gay. More conflict about Satou having feelings for Arihara, but now he’s wondering how Satou feels about him.

I’ve now come to realize that women (actually woman because Miki is the only important female character) come off as interruptions or mere plot devices driving the point about one of the male characters being gay the entire time. Which….is something that I never really payed attention to. Devices that also drive said male character to get jealous if the guy they like are even within three feet of them. ((NOTE TO SELF: Talk about this a little more in a later point.))

So how does one calm a jealous Satou? By stripping in front of one. The following steamy situation is one that I really, really want to be real and not a fantasy…. But I’m going to let you guys read it for yourself. :’D My soul is a little crushed, but I really like this manga.

(Insert a time skip because I went to work for a few hours~)

Picking up from where I left off, Arihara comes back home while Satou was reading one of his newest purchases. Satou then quickly hides on the bed to hide his awkward boner from his roommate / love interest, hoping to pretend that nothing happened. This is also where I begin to appreciate Arihara. He’s charming in his own special way and pretty straight forward with his answers.

Arihara appreciation post aside, we have a moment of conflict between the two. Satou witnessed Arihara entering a love hotel with a random girl, and Arihara honestly answered that it was just sex. Arihara’s math: Blow jobs + boners = I want to put my dick in it. I want to put my dick in it + “Sure thing, go ahead!” = NOW I REALLY GOTTA PUT MY DICK IN IT!

So, Arihara put his dick in it. Satou gets jealous and eventually admits that Arihara was in the way the entire time. The chapter ends with Arihara leaving Satou’s apartment with the only bag he brought with him.

In all honestly, I really like this manga so far. It’s a gigantic step out from the impression whatsits-name left on me. I have regained faith. As I mentioned before, the scanlation for this manga is incomplete (at the moment). Scanlations kind of have me interested in joining a scanlation group, but I zero experience and I’m not sure what it would take to be in one. ^^;;

Ikenai Mousou Fudanshi can currently be read on Batoto (which stopped working for me after chapter 2 pg 6) and MangaHere. There might be other places to read it online, but I’m too lazy to consider looking for other places. Issues of Pureri are currently up on Amazon (which I might consider looking into someday). Huehuehue.

Until next time~! Take care!!

Escape [one-shot]

Title: Escape (エスケープ)
Story & Art: Kyuugou (九號)
Publisher: CHARA (Japan)
Genre(s): drama, psychological,
Scanlation: LiquidPassion
Synopsis: Video store clerk Amamiya Shouta has a unrequited crush on salaryman Shiraishi, but has sex with fellow college student Kuraki. Shouta thinks of them as just sex friends, but Kuraki has a dark and possessive side that Shouta unwittingly brings to the surface… {via Batoto}

!!!FAIR WARNING!!!: This one-shot contains things that could possibly trigger someone, so I won’t go into the full details while writing this review. If brief mentions of such things cause you to feel uncomfortable, please don’t hesitate to stop reading. I honestly wasn’t expecting things to go into domestic violence, so I want to make sure that my readers are okay. Again, don’t hesitate to stop reading here as a safety measure. – ❤ Pan

Hey guys~!

I’ve been browsing around on MyAnimeList for some one-shot manga, and I recently came across one called Escape (エスケープ) by Kyuugou (九號). Being that this is a one-shot, it will be a lot easier to write about in a single post. (Compared to entire volume that I split in half >___<;; )

Immediately we are introduced to video store clerk Amamiya Shouta, who appears to be waiting on someone. Just when he thinks said person won’t show up, a man named Shiraishi appears and Amamiya gets a little blush on his face while talking to him about movies. Once work is done, Shiraishi makes his way back home and notices that the door has been left unlocked. This is where we are introduced to another male named Kuraki. Kuraki is revealed to be the accident of a drunken one night stand while Shiraishi is the person that Amamiya is love with.

Not long after Kuraki’s introduction, Amamiya’s dialogue reveals that their relationship (aparently established by Kuraki) is nothing but sex and one-sided pleasure. Kuraki tells Amamiya that he uses the other because there are less consequences than having sex with a girl. In short, a convenient hole. I automatically don’t like this guy!!

Business done and taken care off, Amamiya begins to murmur Shiraishi’s name in his sleep and Kuraki gets an irritated look in his eyes. The next day we learn that Amamiya and Kuraki happen to be in the same class, and that Amamiya tends to forget to do important assignments. Comic relief followed by Kuraki’s first moment of being a possessive person.

Kuraki starts by asking, “Who is Shiraishi?” and Amamiya hesitates to answer him. The possessiveness gets a liiiiiiittle uncomfortable when a cigarette is involved, but is thankfully put out against the wall. Though, it was put out against the wall near Amamiya’s fricken head!!!! Once again, I don’t like Kuraki. The harrassment then shifts to asking, “Have you done it with him?”, “Do you enjoy getting fucked by me that much?”, before Kuraki gets irritated and things get physically abusive…

Let’s just say I had to stop reading so I could include the reading at the top. I honestly, honestly don’t like Kuraki!!!

This guy makes me want to flip tables and makes my skin prickle. Why does Amamiya still put up with him?! He deserves better than this!! Where the hell is Shiraishi?! WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH THAT ENDING?!?!?!







I was not satisfied with that ending. I don’t really like yaoi / BL that involves characters continuing to stay in abusive relationships.  It bugs the shit out of me (please excuse my swearing), and I simply don’t understand WHY Amamiya decided to put up with that asshole! I also don’t really believe that “both of them were falling in love”. Amamiya had Shiraishi (who was only around for like 2-3 pages) and I was COMPLETELY looking forward to seeing the two of them end up with each other.

Who knows? Maybe Shiraishi could have punched the shit out of Kuraki and told him, “Never come Amamiya again, bastard!” But, I guess that was just wishful thinking. I went in blind while reading this and came out mostly irritated. Just…. *sighs*

*takes a sip of wild cherry Pepsi* I need something much stronger than this soda right now =____=;;;

If you’re interested in reading Escape, you can find it on Batoto. MangaFox has taken it down due to licensing, which is highly understandable. I’m going to try finding another oneshot to read. Hopefully one that has a more uplifting ending. I need some cute shit to read.

Once again, excuse my swearing. (>__<);;

Take care!