YaoiCon Adventure??

Hey guys~! 😀

For some strange reason I thought that YaoiCon was next month, and I honestly got a little upset. To the point where I had an internal tantrum followed by a brief period of wanting to cry before realizing, “Oh wait, September. I’m silly!!”. I still want to cry a little about being silly, but that is what this blog post is about. (Somewhat.)

I would LOVE to attend YaoiCon this year, but it would depend on a number of factors. So lets add some bullet points!

  • Sorority: I recently became the president of my sorority in college, and this is make or break year for us because we are a rather tiny group of all seniors. This means we are going to be working hard to keep our group afloat and attract new members, so I’m honestly not sure how things will go this school year… 😦
  • Plane Ticket / Hotel: Another factor involves plane ticket and the cost of the room. If I shared a room with someone, that would be awesome and I could help split the cost of things (and I think the cost per night is a little more than Anime Matsuri was, but I could easily be wrong). Never flown on a plane, but the ticket prices range from $300 – 500 when flying from Dallas. Which, is my opinion, is quite a chunk considering I’m still within the U.S. on this flight, but fuel is expensive and that’s understandable.
  • JanTerm: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will be working this summer to be able to afford the JanTerm to Japan this school year. The scholarship I won pays for half of the $5K, so I have to come up with roughly $834 since my parents and I are splitting the remaining half. Meaning the cost of my part for JanTerm is around what I would pay for a three-day weekend at YaoiCon. (Not including the cost of merch, etc.)
  • Rent: I’m still not sure if I will be living with roommates or going with my original plan of living alone in an apartment off-campus, but rent is also a thing that I must pay. My financial aid packages helps with rent, but I’m not sure how much my package will actually cover on a monthly basis. >~> Never paid rent before, but mine is going to be around $300 – 500 or so each month. *dying whale noises* Being a legal adult sucks.

Looking at it this way, chances are I won’t be able to make it to YaoiCon this time around. If I were able to to I would cosplay as Armin Arlert and hang out with a willing Levi cosplayer. Shameless Rivarmin feels. OR I would go as Suzuya and eat donuts and candy with a willing Haise. I would most likely internally (and possibly externally) squeal, scream or cry to express my fangirl feels, but I will most likely end up waiting until I can afford it. Maybe next year? That would be fun! 😀

FUN NOTE: A special “We Love Reika!” weekend package was added to the registration list since I first started this draft. Now I’m super upset about the timing of everything. :’D


The universe is against me, so I shall internally sob while playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Anyone want to trade friend codes? I play other games as well~~~

Until then,
❤ Pan