CD Japan: CIEL (July 2015) and Emerald CIEL (June 2015)

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Hey guys! 😀

If you follow me on twitter you would have seen where I made another order on CDJapan. It was perfectly timed because the loyalty program gave an additional 500円 to each customer with an account for a small time period. So I ended up saving 1,000円 on two large BL mags. I’m shamelessly happy about it. (*´﹃`*)

But I wasn’t expecting the package to arrive until next month, but I guess living out on the country has some shipping advantages (not to mention it was 500円 cheaper to ship to my house instead of my mailbox on campus!!!)


Naturally I would have torn at the box like some deranged animal, but it was early in the morning and I originally went to air out my stuffy mattress. Until I saw the box in my chair.

(video will go here since the WordPress app doesn’t like video :/)

Not sure if the video attached from my phone, but that’s my lazy reaction xD (I apologize for the intial swear in the beginning).

I will go more in-depth after I finally finish my in-depth look at this years January issue of CIEL. But, for now, I can provide some initial impressions for these two magazines. 🙂


CIEL (シエル)
Harada’s cover art is simple, yet draws me in somehow.

Love Stage!! bath scene..mmhmm~

glad to see Love Survivor is still going and wasn’t just a one-shot manga.

Oh hey! So Sweet, So Tight is still going too!

the shotacon manga debut is the uncomfortable kind of shotacon, but I won’t let that stop me from buying future volumes of this mag

getting some hardcore Lamento vibes from these cat-earred gentlemen~~~

this issue is actually a lot smaller than the January issue.

I wonder if the other stories I hoped would continue got bad ratings…

new things to read, so I look forward to that (*^^*)

that is some yummy looking man butt…

that guy is attractive for no damn reason!!! *because his hair style is like Ryo from the Marriage Contract dating sim*

Emerald CIEL (エメラルド)
very pretty cover art by Kyoko Aiba 😀

I still have mixed feelings about Junjou Romantica, but I look forward to watching the special PV DVD that came with this issue.

Holy shit, posters!!!!

silver-haired cat-ear gentleman, hello there~~

Nakamura-sensei‘s style has softened up a lot. It’s not as sharp and angular as it used to be. Anatomy seems to have gotten better too. :3

ohhh, light novel exerts. Cool!

These color inserts are pretty

age-difference Sekaiichi couple is my favorite~

those uke eyes are going to give me cavities, sweet mother of God! q u q HOW CAN YOU BE SO CUTE?!

Emerald is so smutty… I like it.<3

Oh hey, a flashback to Nakamura-sensei‘s old drawing style. *confirmed that I was right before*

Well, my phone is about to die now.

Until next time, take care guys~!!!

– Pan ❤

Inactivity Update via WordPress App

Hello hello, lovely people of the interwebs! (or I could just use my usual “Hey guys! :D”)

I just wanted to keep you guys updated on why I haven’t been as active as I would like. Most of it stems down to my summer job, catching up on sleep and my shitty computer. The lag on it keeps getting worse, so I’m going to Best Buy next week to get a hands on feel for a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 before buying a refurbished i5 model. (Would love an i7 for digital art, but it cost too much even while refurbished.)

Although I won’t be able to do any detail / image heavy posts until then, I’m still fairly active on Twitter and share lame things and thoughts. :’D

Also a quick “Hello!!! (*^^*)” to new Pantastic Panda followers! I’m glad that you are here and I really hope to get this blog back into gear within the next month. I have some drafts that you all might be interested in. Huehuehue. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

No spoilers though~ (*´﹃`*)

Until next time,
Pan ❤