The Free Spirit Award

Hey guys! 😀

It’s time for another nomination award! This award was nominated to me by the lovely Geo at My Fujoshi Life. So glad I got to meet you in person at Anime Matsuri!!  Q u Q Please go check out her blog when you get the chance~! And if you want to read Geo’s response to her Free Spirit Award nomination, feel free to click here.

Alright, let’s get down to business.


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“Imagine you’ve created the next big hit in anime and you’ve been given free reign on everything. Who would animate your series? What VA’s (english and/or japanese and/or other) would you want as part of your cast? Who would draw your manga (can be anyone, you, a friend, a mangaka)? Who would be the music composer? How do you see your content develop? What’s the original source? Etc.”

I’m actually really looking forward to answering this prompt! :’D

I still plan on going more into detail about why I would really love to persue comic art and manga as a career, so this prompt is very fitting. I’ve been fleshing out a particular story that revolves around my love of song remixes for a few years now, so it’s a project that I would absolutely love to see drawn out one day. If I made a post about it, it would literally take a week to geek out about the plot and characters, but that would include hardcore spoils. Maybe one day. Maybeeeee.

I’m a tease, I know~

Who would animate your series?: Mmmm… That’s something I never thought about. In terms of Director or the studio? Personally, I think I would like to see my series animated by a lesser known animation studio. For example, Lerche. I really like what the studio did with the colors for Hamatora, re:Hamatora and Persona 4: The Animation. Another example would have to be MAPPA who worked on Zankyou no Terror and Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis. I actually plan on doing a general review over Shingeki no Bahamut at some point. Just like Meganebu!, SnB holds a special place in my heart in terms of story, characters and feels.

Hamatora © Lerche

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis © MAPPA

What VA’s (english and/or japanese and/or other) would you want as part of your cast?: Johnny Yong Bosch. The amount of need is at an extreme real. I would also like English VA’s from the 90s to be a part of the cast, as well as some new talent. There are a lot of talented people who do voice acting on YouTube and Tumblr. I might not know them exactly, but it’s always nice when someone else makes a debut. In terms of Japanese VAs, Miyano Mamoru (宮野 真守). My thirst for Matsuoka Rin runs deeply…. Also who wouldn’t want the VA for Yagami Light and Tsukiyama Shuu for their cast?? Taht would be blasphemy! D:

Free! © Kyoto Animation

Who would draw your manga (can be anyone, you, a friend, a mangaka)?: I would draw it! 😀 I have way too many stories that I would love to draw, but there are a few of mine that I feel would bet better in another artist’s talented hands. For those I would be the writer and provide character designs, but a different creator would make the art. Tl;dr, it would depend on the story that I’m working on at the time, but collaborations are always an interesting thought.

Who would be the music composer?: Music composerrrrrr….. Hmmm…. Well, for the music related story I would want it to be a collaboration effort between different remixers. Every remixing style is different, which is essentially one of the key elements between each of the characters I’ve created. If the remixers style fits the character, then I would trust them to create original or remixed songs that would fit the character’s style. If what I typed out is confusing, please feel free to tell me. >~<;;;;

How do you see your content develop?: It’s still in the baby stages of plot development, but I would really like to see it up in running as a webcomic before I turn twenty-six. (Then again I have a small number of things I would like to have completed before I’m twenty-six. c: ) Every creator wants to see their art be successful, that’s how I would like to see my stories develop once I finish the writing stage and finally start the drawing stage. Sadly I just want to draw without planning, which is very, very difficult to fight against.

The Iron Giant © Warner Brothers

What’s the original source? Etc.: Original source of inspiration? Highly inspired by dubstep and artists such as Skrillex, Savant, OmegaMode, DotEXE, TeddyLoid, etc. Genres such as nightcore, nightstep, future bass, jumpstyle, techno, trap and trance are huuuuuuge sources of inspiration for me. I’m always on the prowl for new artists who’s music helps to inspire the plot of my story. More inspiration also comes from a strong need of wanting to see more character from different ethnic backgrounds. Not only that, but portrayed as actual complex people and not just stereotypes. Style wise, my inspiration is a mixed bag of my favorite artists, favorite music, and favorite elements of visual art. I’m mostly a traditional artist since I love getting my hands messy, but I do want to try experimenting with digital art when I get a better tablet to do so.

Here, have some wubs. Be careful though. These beats are relentless. 🙂


  • anyone who is interested in completing the prompt below ❤

And now my prompt for the nominees:
“Since we are talking about free spirits, imagine if you could create a fantasy realm or an alternate universe. What would you name it and why? Would humans, aliens, creatures of your own design or other fantasy beings live there? What would the land look like? (islands, rivers, oceans, mountains, etc) What kind of holidays would you celebrate in your universe? What kind of culture would people see if they decided to visit? Are there any “must see” tourist locations in your universe? (If so, what are they and why?) Lastly, feel free to provide anything you feel would be helpful to the reader.”

Hopefully you guy enjoyed my responses! Feel free to leave a comment and chat with me. I’m a talkative person, and getting to know people makes me happy.

Until next time~!

Pan ❤