Hey guys!

As of this morning I will officially be going to Japan this upcoming January!!!!!! It’s been a really, really stressful and emotional month for me, but I will soon be going abroad for the first time in my life! It was a really big surprise and thinking about it still makes me a little jittery, but IT’S OFFICIAL YOU GUYS!!!!!

*internal screaming while taking a drink of water*

I will try my best to update this blog when I have wi-fi, but chances are that I will have a separate blog dedicated to travel in East Asia. My plan is to use the separate blog as a form of journal (since my professor requires that we keep one) that everyone will be able to read. In the future (depending on if I am accepted or not) I will use that blog to document how my life goes in Japan while in the JET Program. Don’t worry though, this will always and forever be my main blog for satisfying my fujoshi needs. ❤

I really need to catch up on blog posts, so if there’s anything you would like to see for NaBloPoMo, feel free to leave a comment! I have a few things in mind and I hope that you guys are looking forward to it. Like how I need to finish watching Binan Koukou before season two starts!

Take care guys!

Until then,
❤ Pan