Just Finished Submitting For the JET Program

Hey guys! 😀

For the past month I have been busily working on my application for the JET Program, and I am more than happy to admit that I’ve just finished submitting the online portion of my application! :’D


The application took a LOT of time but the process has toned down over the years. From what the representative told the group of applicants, the process used to require three copies of everything in the application, but the online portion has made things a lot smoother. (Which means less printed paper!)

To be honest, I’m worried about how things will go with this application. I’m trying not to get too worried, but it’s kind of hard not to after all the work that was put into this. ^^;;;; All that’s left is to print off a physical copy of the application, mail it off to Washington D.C. and wait to hear if I’ve been approved for an interview or not. Here’s to hoping to secure a job after graduation! Gosh that was stressful…

(Hopefully my brain makes sense at 2AM.)

Until next time,
Pan ❤

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