Hey Pan! Where Have You Been??!

Hey guys~!

I realize that I haven’t posted anything since November, and I apologize for that. Both November and December were pretty rough months for me, and I was out of the country most of January. Things are still pretty rough, but I do plan on getting back into the swing of things with this blog.

I’ve really missed you guys and I’m sorry that I kept you waiting.

While I was in Japan I bought a lot of things that I hope to review for you  guys. I missed out my Second Anniversary of Pantastic Panda, so I’ve no idea how the stats have changed. >~<;; BUT I just got an idea for what I can do for a (Hella) Belated Second Anniversary post.

Again, I’m very sorry that I kept you guys waiting. ;_____; Good things (especially smutty things) are coming, so I hope that you will continue to look forward to them~!

Until next time,
❤ Pan

Feel free to reply~

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