※Name(s)※ Pan
※Blog Created※ January 21st, 2014
※Daily Hobbies※ drawing, character design, story planning, role-playing, blogging, browsing YouTube
※Drawing Inspiration※Miyamoto Kano, Kio Shimoku, Kanou Ayumi, Junko

I’m basically your average girl with less than average interests. I’m also a hobby artist who draws when I have the time to.

Speaking of my interests, basically my largest interest, is reading things of the BL variety. I’ve been reading BL since I was fourteen, and took an unplanned hiatus from this blog up until early January 2021. My goal for this blog is to make it a blog that discusses Japanese subculture from a fujoshi’s perspective. One that also documents my experiences with Japanese, manga, anime, and multiple events that I go to. ⌒▽⌒

I can’t think of anything else to write here, but I really hope you enjoy your stay here! 🙂

Blog Goals:

  • Reach 50 Followers

Geeky Goals:

  • Attend World Cosplay Summit in Japan at least once (again, one can dream~)

Feel free to reply~

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