Blogs & Webcomics

This is a collection of blogs and webcomics that I love, along with some reasons as to why I find myself coming back to them. This is list is bound to grow as time goes on, so I hope you will stick around to see what will pop up next. ❤

❤ 腐女子です!♡ // I’m a Fujoshi  ♡
Words cannot describe how much I adore this blog. This blog is one of the first fujoshi based blogs that I discovered and I’ve been addicted ever since. I like how different aspects of male x male couples are covered and pretty much includes readers of different interests. It’s currently on hiatus (I’m guessing) but I keep coming back to see if a new entry has been posted. 🙂 (Also her bookshelf pictures are praise worthy).

❤ かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの!
An introduction to otome games. I’m slowly yet surely discovering my shojo side and this blog helps feed my curiosity about different games that come out.

I actually stumbled upon this blog after doing some searching for Genshiken. Since I really like the Genshiken series I decided to look into this blog and haved stopped since then. My favorite aspect of this blog is the Fujoshi Files. I’m slowly making my way into reading about all the female characters, but it’s pretty interesting. I also enjoy reading the chapter summaries about Genshiken since I’m unable to buy physical copies every time one comes out. 🙂

❤ オタクと腐女子☆ // Otaku and Fujoshi☆
Another BL related blog by Hachi. I still consider this blog to be one of my favorites even if it’s currently under hiatus (as of November 2013). She’s still pretty active on Twitter though. 😀

Sylph Alchemist helps me unleash my inner shojo side when it comes to reading her blog. Bit by bit I’m starting to creep my way into shojo. My love of Shounen Oujo drew me to her blog and I simply haven’t stopped admiring her updates. (Also motivation to keep learning Japanese :’D)

the manga habit
A newly discovered blog that is sure to stick around on my favorites list. More beautiful bookshelf pictures to gawk at~



Webcomics Zone:

Rescue Me & Love! Love! Fighting!
I recently came across an artist named Sharean Morishita and really got inspired by her use of full-figured women with natural hair. It’s really hard to find black characters in the world of manga and comics, so I look forward to seeing more of her work. ^///^

 ❤ Forever or Not
Though currently on hiatus (due to being revamped), this was one of the first webcomics that got me reading on SmackJeeves. Poshpossum has a very intersting style, and I can’t want to see what the revamped version will look like. 😀

APT. 201
{blurb coming soon – re-reading}

{blurb coming soon – re-reading}

Why me? – 1900
I’m not sure how to explain why I love this webcomic. I love the style. I drool over the anatomy and the story is very interesting. You know a comic is good when you have to pause a number of times just to fan yourself. Whew~

My RP Partner
A good webcomic that was ended for understandable reasons. I still highly recommend it.

Forced Seduction {one-shot}
{blurb coming soon – re-reading}


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